Monday, April 30, 2012

Yahoo! Tells Us: In 2012, Cool Über Alles!

Forget about soaring gas prices, creeping inflation, real unemployment of close to 15%, a national debt reaching unimaginable numbers, a social safety net in danger of shredding under it underfunded burden, and a world sinking into chaos.

According to Yahoo!, none of this matters. The 2012 election will be decided based upon whose party has the coolest candidate. And you know who that is...


VP contenders help Romney fill cool gap

The reflected glow of Republican stars means buzz for Romney during a lull in the campaign action. The famously square presumptive GOP nominee may just find the right campaign formula in the process...

The veepstakes action comes as something remarkable is happening in the campaign: The Romney campaign appears ready to cede the likability argument to President Obama.

Strange too, how Yahoo! leaves out a key word in a key part of their article.  Screenshot, in case they eventually edit (click to enlarge):

Just can't get that phrase - "don't vote for him" (as in Obama)  - out of your proverbial mouths, can you, Yahoo?

Somewhere, Freud nods his head sagely.  And hear in America, the foundations of the Republic crumble, while its would-be guardians argue over who's "cooler"...

(more of my beefs with Yahoo's slanted news service here here,  here and here...)

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