Sunday, April 15, 2012

Innovation And Ingenuity, Thy Name Is...Canada

Sigh.  Lost greatness sucks.  This country is like an aging superstar, still with some talent and skill to spare, but slower, achy, more prone to breakdowns, and being outrun by the new up-and-comers, who once showed respect, and now do their best to hide their disdain.  If they even bother to try...

What a toll a few years of socialism can take...

I saw this coming, when a few Canadian kids blasted a Lego man into space complete with multiple video cameras to record the suborbital adventure, but to see even their government being more nimble, intuitive, and intelligent than ours?

It's time to hang 'em up, I suppose, and go off gracefully into the sunset.  I mean, really - our best and brightest couldn't have come up with this first?  From Canada's National Post:

The image of a dinosaur whose remains were discovered in Alberta’s Peace Country will be featured on our newest quarter — the first Canadian coin with a glow-in-the dark picture

The quarter, being released by the Royal Canadian Mint April 16, features Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai, a large herbivore whose bone fragments were discovered by Grande Prairie, Alta., science teacher Al Lakusta in 1974.

He plans to pick up one of the new coins for his 10-year-old grandson. “I think almost anybody who reads about it thinks, ‘We can’t wait to try this,’ ” he said Sunday from his Grande Prairie home.

Don't worry, we'll catch up to the Canadians soon enough!  After all, our government is raising taxes in order to provide free birth control for any whore who wants it...

That'll show 'em.

(Hat Tip: Bag Hag)

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