Monday, April 09, 2012

You'll Miss Headlines Like These, When A Republican Is President

Combine the biased reporting of Reuters with Yahoo's de facto position as a homepage propaganda front for the Democratic party, and their bastard child comes off looking a bit like this:

Looking on the bright side of inflation

Yup.  That's your mainstream media in action, trying to convince you not to worry your pretty little head, those pesky little price increase everywhere are really a good thing....and asking you to please avert your eyes from that government printing press running 24/7:

In the United States, prices starting to creep upward shows the deep wounds from the credit crisis are slowly healing and the U.S. economy is well on the road to recovery

I don't have the stomach to fisk this entire article, but I'll just hit the one thing that pisses me off the most, then go home:

Consumer inflation, after stripping out volatile food and energy prices, has edged upward over the past year and now is running just above the Federal Reserve's 2 percent target. Workers' pay is nudging higher as the labor market gradually improves. Hourly earnings have grown at an average annual rate of 2 percent since last May and posted a 2.1 percent gain last month...

Unfortunately, most of us live in a world we we  And pay for gas.  And if you work these  two "volatile" factors in (and they are not really volatile, as the prices of these two staples are going in only one direction:  up), inflation is actually 2.9%, outpacing increases in worker pay by 38%.

For Americans that are lucky enough to be working, that is.

Seems as if our genius president didn't realize that because his energy plans would mean that "electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket", the prices of everything else dependent upon electricity would also skyrocket.  Which is, pretty much, everything else.

Reuters and Yahoo! are working real hard to pop smoke before you in order to provide cover for the Barack Obama and the Democratic party.  But I simply don't believe the media can propagate Obama out of this mess, or convince people that their ever-shrinking standards of living are a harbinger of better times to come....

(more of my beefs with Yahoo! in particular here,  here and here...)

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