Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Does Twitter Want America To Fail?

Apparently.  They seemed to have suspended the account of "Americans for Limited Government" yesterday without an explanation.

Well, without an explanation to @LimitGovt or to us. But this video gone viral - which starkly presents the case for how liberal policies will unmake America - is reason enough, as far as Twitter founder (and Obama-maniac) Jack Dorsey is concerned:

I see a Twitter post about a half-hour old from @LimitGovt, but it leads to a dead link.  Not sure if they are truly back or not.

Was the account suspension done by Dorsey himself, the little lefties who operate Twitter, or even more menacingly...was it done in response to a request  from the Obama campaign, or even the White House itself?

I can't back that accusation up.  But knowing how this administration is so sensitive to criticisms - denying credentials to critical reporters, its clumsy attempts to ban FOX news, wanting to dictate coverage and spin, and possibly even forcing Ford ads off the air - is it really that unlikely that after seeing this video, and understanding the danger it represented to their governing philosophy, that Administration officials would make  the call to Twitter and demanded that @LimitGovt be "disappeared"?

Twitter likes to be known as a way for populations to organize and share information about tyrannical regimes, and to aid in their overthrow.  Everywhere except in the Untied States, apparently, where Twitter apparently will gladly help stifle voices of dissent if it can  help its own dubious allies stay in power...

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