Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Obama Deconstructs "ObamaCare"

There may be nothing more annoying than the college professor - or village know-it-all - who deconstructs your words to prove that you are either a latent racist, a capitalist tool, or a prisoner of your upbringing, trapped by the words you use into a worldview which is hidebound and ignorant.

So prepared to be irked by our narcissist itinerant lecturer-in-chief, as he "proves" that mockery of his persona and policies are actually sweet compliments.  From the Weekly Standard a report on the deconstruction, and an analysis:

According to the pool report from last night's fundraiser in St. Louis, "The Obamacare line is getting big applause at the fundraisers today." The new line? "They call it Obamacare? I do care! You should care, too," Obama reportedly said.

Seriously? After two and a half years of people calling it Obamacare, that's the best he and his staff could come up with? The line (which incorporates two of Obama's favorite things to say: "I" and "You should...") does capture something quite nicely, however -- this administration is, somewhat embarrassingly, out of ideas.

Jeez, his classes in Chicago must have been nauseating...

UPDATE: Peter Wehner hints the president's speaking ability was over-hyped as much as every other aspect of his persona:

After his election victory and early into his presidency, it was fashionable in some liberal intellectual circles to compare Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln when it came to his rhetoric.

“ObamaCare, I care, and you should care, too,” has faint echoes of “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream.”

It isn’t exactly the Gettysburg Address, is it?

Wehner has another piece here which talks about Obama's "deconstruction", and what it says about him...

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