Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Collections Go Down When Taxes Go Up

...or, were I in a less kind mood, "Liberal Tax Hypocrisy 101"....

This is the free portion of a WSJ online article, which I can't fully access because I don't subscribe.  But the first few paragraphs tell you all you need to know about Obama's base, and where he is taking the country.  And did I mention this piece was written by David Mamet?

Liberal Tax Dodgers and the Disrespected Sushi Chef

There I was with a friend, and she was shopping for T-shirts for her daughter's Sweet Sixteen party.

We went to a store in Brooklyn, which did silk-screening. The owner had examples of his artwork on various articles of clothing in the window. These featured beautiful portraits of President Obama, and other compelling images.

My friend explained her needs, and the owner quoted her a price for the lot: shirts, artwork, silk-screening. "But," he said, "I could do better if you pay in cash."

Così fan tutti, which, as I understand it, means "So do they all.

Wonder if our entrepreneurial artist is currently "Occupying Wall Street" right now, demanding that the rich pay more in taxes so he can continue to get government services without having to pay his legally-mandated contribution towards them?

Kind of like...Greece, where everyone deals in cash, then riot in the streets when the government, starved of tax receipts, threatens to cut back on benefits.  Sound familiar?

Sounds like "The Occupy Wall Street" crowd to me.  Looks like where Barack Obama and the Democrats are taking us...

And I'm waiting for a massive, government-sponsored, burning of the works of Mr. Mamet.  Heresy is the one unforgivable sin.  Just ask the Islamists...

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