Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elizabeth Warren Reveals Her Anti-Semitic Bona Fides...

I like Elizabeth Warren, in a certain way.  She's not some mealy-mouthed Marxist, making sweet noises to the center-right of this nation while blowing a socialist dog whistle loud and clear for the Left (See Obama, Barack). She's honest about her desire to remake America in the image of a Soviet state - centrally controlled, with harsh re-distributive taxes upon non-government connected producers, led by liberal technocrats out of Ivy League schools who - by dint of their education, not any life experience - know what's best for all of us.

She laid down her markers early with her sneering "Good for you!" speech, where she declared the wealthy owed her more than we owed them.  And now she's laid claim to the "Occupy" protests, declaring they are an outgrowth of her thought.  Via the Beast:

Elizabeth Warren is running for office in the most high-profile race in the country not involving Barack Obama. It’s a position that calls for some tact. So what does she think about the Occupy Wall Street protests that are roiling the country?

I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” she says. “I support what they do.

Warren’s boast isn’t bluster...

No, it's not. I take her 100% at her word. So as she declares unapologetic ownership fo the "Occupy" movement, she also takes ownership of the vile, anti-semetic hatred that is part and parcel of its members (and founders).  Live, from Zuccotti Park:

“Israel is white Europe — eastern Europeans — who has [sic] usurped and occupied Arab land, and they have displaced the indigenous Arab Palestinian people at gunpoint. When Israel was founded in 1948 … in 1949, Israel secretly began working on a nuclear … atomic nuclear program to wipe out her neighbors. So the hatred of the Arabs for Israel is understandable. … And I’ll say that the Jews control Wall Street. Google ‘Jewish billionaires.’ Google ‘Jews and the Federal Reserve bank.’ Google ‘Jews and Wall Street.’ America’s finances is [sic] controlled by the Jews. Wall Street, the media, the legal profession — Jewish money is the engine in politics. … The Jews commit more white-collar crime than any other ethnic group on the earth and they go unprosecuted because they can buy their way out of it.”

Trust me:  To Elizabeth Warren, the incessant Jew-bashing at the Occupy gatherings is a feature, not a bug.  The hard Left is avowedly anti-Semitic, and she needs them in her bid for national office, which to her is a stepping stone to the presidency, her ultimate goal.  She believes Barack Obama has failed not by failing to reach the great American middle, but but reaching out to them too much.  So she endorses the mob, and lays claim to them, to both gain their support and to use their muscle to achieve victory.  Her endorsement of "Occupy Wall Street", without recriminations for their vicious rhetoric, is not a dog whistle but an announcement:  Hating on the Jews is A-OK with me!

She's a student of history, or so she claims.  When has a revolution succeeded without brownshirts?  She's seen the Obama fail, and she's going to play the game differently.  No hope and change, just smash and grab, with the "Occupy" crew as her own drum-playing SS.

But Elizabeth, as I said at the open, is refreshing in this way.  No hiding her goals, juts laying it out there, complete with appeals for mob rule, punitive taxation, and classic medieval scapegoating of the Jews.

Let's she how she does.  We know who she is.  But what are we?


Anonymous said...

warren is not exactly the 99% her tax returns show a yearly income of over 900k a year,and her attitude toward wall st and the financial crisis was not exactly aggressive she seems like she had no idea what was going on,and to somehoe brand her as anti jew for supporting OWS is ridiculous we know it was fomented by jewish billioniare george soros,a hungarian jew, i would say "what are you goin to call him a jew hater too" but not such a good example since he did help the nazis during the war, and he said he "respected them" sure the media and the system did eventually turn against OWS, but i guess its nothing to do with the FACT they jews own 96% of the media and are about 70% of the top executive and board level positions on wall st and the fed, a jews could come and shoot you in the face and your cognitve dissonace would kick in and you would say oh that wasnt a jew that is aome old canard ,sometimes you have to just call a spade a spade, SEC=shapiro, CTFC=gensler, head of the fed ben shalom bernake,rubin, summers, paulson geithner,blankfein, dimon ,orzag,head of FINRA and FICA, yeah i guess it was all those darn irish catholics that are reponisble for all this

Unknown said...

Nail on the head. Stop zionism and prosecute All israeli leaders and the israeli government for all the disgusting mass murders that they continue commit. Remember Jenin!!!!!!!