Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" & "The Hippie Problem"

Well, it's not really our problem - after all, hippies, like the poor, have always been with us, at least if you were born any time after 1960.

It's hippies that have the problem, and may be the ones hardest hit (sorry, "minorities and women!) by the latest economic downturn. Frank Fleming explains:

You might think that high unemployment has no effect on hippies, who were never looking for work, but you’re forgetting how much they depend on the resources of others. With everyone struggling, no one is really in the mood to listen to hippies demand free health care and student-loan forgiveness.

This is really hard on hippies, because that’s not something they can understand. Try to explain how economics works, and they’ll just tilt their heads, furrow their brows and point at what they want, never comprehending why someone can’t just hand it to them.

Plus, right now people are looking at their budgets and realizing how much easier things would be if they didn’t have to support their adult children anymore. And who is hardest hit by that? That’s right: the hippie. So in this economy, it’s not so much that hippies can’t find jobs as the threat that they may actually need to start looking for them.

...They’re used to ranting vaguely about “the system” and “the man,” but now people want more specifics, and it confuses them....That’s why they get so indignant when people ask what their demands are -- figuring out what they want is other people’s job; they always just made noise. A hippie protesting is like a baby crying: It doesn’t know what needs to be done -- or often even exactly what the problem is -- it just knows something is wrong, so it makes noise until an adult comes and fixes things.

 Well, the hippies have no one to blame but themselves.  See what happens when you elect a dope-smoking, coke-snorting, college-level philosopher to the presidency?

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Conservative Libertine said...

The Hippies are loving this. They are so happy to be camping with the youngsters. Suddenly they feel relevant again. Maybe some of them even stop to wonder if they are just having a flashback.

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