Friday, October 21, 2011

The Kid Who Killed Khadafy

(...or is it Gaddifi...?)

Meet Mohamed El Bibi, all of 20 years old, who is being credited as firing the shot that wound up killing Libya's despotic Moammar Khadafy:

Evil dictator Colonel Gaddafi was captured cowering in a drainage pipe by a 20-year-old rebel fighter wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap, it was claimed tonight.

Mohammed El Bibi was hoisted onto the shoulders of his fellow NTC comrades and waved Gaddafi's slimline gold 9mm Browning Hi-Power gun in the air in triumph.

He told the BBC that he was the one who had captured the tyrant and that he had snatched his prized gun from as he lay dying in the dirt.

Appropriately ironic, that a terror-supporting Arab leader would be killed by a kid with the "NY" logo emblazoned on his head.  Gives me some faith that while we may not always see instant justice - or instant karma - on this world, the universe delivers kismet in its own way, in its own time...

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