Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs vs. Barack Obama on job creation...

John Podhoretz lays it out perfectly in the New York Post:

As of September 2010, 49,400 people in the United States (and probably twice as many abroad) work for Apple to create its products, sell them, deliver them and help people use them.
That number has surely grown substantially since, as Apple stores proliferate, and will continue to do so

Add to that number the 1,000-plus jobs at Pixar, Jobs’ peerless animation studio that merged with Disney -- and the thousands of jobs that were created by others to manufacture the branded products sold with Pixar characters and the like.

Yesterday, Obama again pushed Congress to pass his $447 billion stimulus. In one ludicrous estimation breathlessly cited by the president, the bill would create 1.9 million jobs, none of them permanent.

Steve Jobs himself probably created one-eighth of that number. Under Obama’s understanding of “job creation,” such an achievement should cost $60 billion.

The current value of Apple is $351 billion. In other words, those Apple jobs exist not as a cost but as a means of achieving profit.
Those Jobs jobs were and are real; they were not summoned from the ether by a politician only to disappear when the funding runs out.

The genius of a man like Steve Jobs is unfathomable to a person like Barack Obama .  After all, "The sound perception of an ant does not include thunder"....

Unless, of course, Obama understands exactly what Jobs did and how he did it, but is intentionally setting out to salt the earth, so that no Jobs may ever rise again, all in the name of  "economic fairness" or some other socialist bromide...

And I am not sure which explanation is more horrific.

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