Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gilad Shalit Shines A Light On The Palestinian Death Cult...

...but only for those who wish to see. Victor Davis Hanson:

The Palestinians have just shown the entire world their collective values — and the result is creepy beyond belief. Every once in a while a single incident crystallizes almost everything....The crude and coerced Egyptian interview of Gilad Shalit says it all. He looked emaciated and short of breath, like the old film clips of those who had just emerged from Dachau; his Egyptian inquisitor, the repulsive Shahira Amin (lately a heartthrob of the Western media, who drew praise in the past from Secretary Clinton), preened like some sort of Lady Haw-Haw reading a script from Goebbels’s Ministry of Propaganda — with a masked Hamas thug in the background, rounding out the cast, perfectly playing the part of a cowardly killer from the SS Einsatzgruppen.

"Welcome live to the studios of Egyptian State TV!"

Hillary Clinton just loves her work interviewing emaciated Jews at gunpoint...

As if a chorus on cue, the released killers immediately boasted that they would murder again. Then, there was the vow to kidnap more soldiers, the anger that the 1,000-to-1 ratio of exchange was not enough, the usual anti-Semitic Hitlerian communiqués boasting of “victory” over the “apes and pigs,”....So all that raises a question in this supposed morally equivalent conflict: Why in the world are we giving one cent in foreign aid to Palestinian groups of any sort?

Some thoughts:

-If Mitt Romney - who feels the pain of the "99%" - gets elected, he will continue to provide foreign aid to the Palestinians, no matter what types of horrors they unleash upon the innocent

-The German foreign ministry called the swap a “prisoner exchange” the other day. Really? If Europeans cannot tell the difference between a democracy and an innocent soldier kidnapped in his own territory from that of a terrorist group whose charter embraces genocide, then Europe is in more of a black hole than Gilad Shalit ever was.

-The Amnesty International crew may be some of the worst people on Earth. At least Hamas boasts of their murders; the Amnesty crew tries to disguise their hatred and anti-semitism as an elite type of higher value. Amnesty’s statement on the Shalit trade, titled “Israel-Hamas prisoner swap casts harsh light on detention practices of all sides", is primarily a blast at Israel, with Shalit barely even getting a mention. Did anyone notice how fat and well fed the released terrorists looked, and how sickly and weak Shalit appeared?

-Speaking of Amnesty, did you know that do not allow pro-Israeli Jews to enter their meetings? Like the Palestinians, we need to stop their funding, even if that means cutting off cash to the NGO's who fund Amnesty.


In the final analysis, the painstaking agreement was green-lighted by the only vibrant democratic government in the Middle East, the state of Israel. The effort to win Shalit’s freedom is a tribute to Israel’s democracy and its acute sense of justice. While Syria and Iran’s totalitarian regimes are bludgeoning their populations, Israel’s government seeks to protect its citizens from terror and affirm the core principle of human freedom for its population.

There is no moral equivalence. None. To claim it is to show proof of your own antisemitism, your own twisted morality, and your own peculiar death wish....

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