Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" Protesters Get The Business End Of A NYPD Baton...

The liberal media screams bloody murder over videos like this, while the conservative media frets this will give the protesters more public sympathy.

Bullshit.  The vibe from the average New Yorker (and New Jersey resident forced to interact with these pimply, pampered college pukes) is that these jerkoffs need a real good beating.  And then they need to figure out how to make their lives meaningful, like every generation before them, as opposed to insisting that everyone else fork over money and change the system so it fits their needs. Can't find a job up to your standards?  OK, invent something.  Start a business. Create something that other people want or need. Take a job that's beneath you so you can at least cease to be a drain on society.  But don't expect the world to create a do-nothing jobs that pays you $25/hour in order to validate your Gender Bias Studies degree.

And if you are going to throw a tantrum about it...well, this is what you get:

Feel no pity for these douchebags. Already, the mainstream-left is fantasizing about using them as brownshirts and jackboots in class warfare that they pray will move beyond mere rhetoric. The NYPD is heroic here, stopping them now before they march on us later...

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Conservative Libertine said...

The mainstream-left is lavishing them with pity, and twisting the truth to do so.

Meanwhile, they think everyone forgot the fear and loathing that peaceful Tea Party protests evoked in mainstream-left depictions.
Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street