Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" & "Fast and Furious": The Media Commits Treason

Jim Treacher, on the media's perception of the Tea Party vs. "Occupy Wall Street":

When right-wing protesters hold up signs the left doesn’t like, they’re “Nazis” and “terrorists” and the like. When left-wing protesters storm barricades and attack cops, they’re “brave truth-tellers.” That seems to be the formula among the left and the mainstream media (pardon the redundancy): “Free speech is violence when we disagree with it, and violence is free speech when we agree with it.”

Yeah.  Just ask Jonathan Chait, who's only complaint about the "Occupy" gang is that they haven't been violent enough...

Michael Walsh, on the media's treatment of the "Fast and Furious" scandal, that has left hunders of dead Mexicans and a number of dead Americans in its wake:

...[M]ost of the media is AWOL. Since the arrival of Obama, the abdication by the press of its historic duties has been stupefying. But no one should be surprised: most of the top MSM reporters came of age in the sixties, torn between working for social justice as lawyers or as journalists. For them, Obama represents the culmination of everything they have fought for and believed in since they were in their twenties. Don’t expect them to turn on him — or even subject him to the kind of scrutiny they used to routinely give all politicians — ever.

Their egos are too big to let him fail.

And while the media accused the Tea Party on a daily basis (and still does) of racial hatred - despite having not a shred of evidence to back up their claim - they turn their back on the preponderance of evidence that the cause they support is steeped in hatred.  Can you imagine the reaction from the mainstream media - and Congressional Democrats - if a video like this was filmed at a Tea Party event?

The media has gone all-in for Barack Obama, and now must do everything they can to protect him.  For if he goes, they go with him, as they will become perpetually discredited, shamed, and sidelined.  So the truth will be hidden, lies will be told, and acts of treason will be committed against the American people so that these older versions of the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd can keep their pathetic sense of self-worth.

We must struggle and die, so that their egos can thrive...

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