Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome To "Occupy Wall Street", or "Nazis: The Next Generation"

(updated at bottom, regarding a more "specific" attack...)

And you said it couldn't happen here:

“Anti-Semitism works through the strategy of the pointing finger. Through political prestidigitation, the accuser draws attention away from his own sins…by pointing to the Jews, whose demonically inflated image and luridly portrayed wickedness make them a plausible explanation for whatever ails his regime.”

Welcome to Occupy Wall Street.

The Jew-hatred among protesters and sympathizers is diverse and unapologetic. It is, in fact, atmospheric. Tune in randomly to live television coverage of the spectacle and you’ll see—as I did—placards scapegoating Israel, Zionism, or “Hitler’s bankers.” Check out the continuous flurry of protest-supporting tweets and blog posts, and you’ll get more of the same.

Occupy Wall Street enumerates classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in the name of progressivism.....

...Occupy Wall Street protesters are literally boasting of their Nazi credentials....The purpose of the Tea Party was to get government out of all Americans’ lives. The point of Occupy Wall Street is to scapegoat fellow Americans. And wherever political scapegoating takes place, anti-Semitism is sure to follow....

And don't forget, Adbusters is  - quite proudly - the driving force the "Occupy Wall Street" campaign.  But what else are they known for?

In March 2004, Adbusters was accused of antisemitism after running an article that alleged many supporters of the Iraq War within the Bush Administration were Jewish. The article questioned why the political implications of this Jewish influence on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East were not a subject of debate.

In October 2010, Shopper's Drug Mart pulled Adbusters off of its shelves after a photo montage comparing the Gaza Strip to the Warsaw ghetto was featured in an article critiquing Israel's embargo of Gaza.

"God bless them" - Nancy Pelosi, on the "Occupy Wall Street" protestors.

UPDATE:   Related.  Very related:

The front page of today’s Washington Post brings the news that Democrats have decided to make House majority leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) “a political villain who will rile up their base and scare centrist swing voters to their side."

Cantor’s starring role for Democrats is born of necessity. Without a presidential nominee for several more months, Republicans do not have a natural leader for Democratic strategists to focus their energy on...

Cantor is, of course, a Jew.  And, as made clear above, is now a scapegoat for all of the nation's ills...

You can't make this shit up...

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