Monday, October 03, 2011

Community, Collectivism, And The Left's Criminal Confidence Game...

Instapundit clipped out the first sentence and made it the "quote of the day", but the whole piece contains some horrific truths:

Community and collectivism are opposites. Community is valuable and powerful; it is individuals freely choosing to cooperate and identify with each other to achieve more than they can individually, as we do in the open-source community.

Collectivism is a fraud. It pretends to be about community, but it is actually about the use of force. Collectivists want us not only to bow to their desire for power over others, but to thank them for coercing us and praise them as our moral superiors.

Compassion is a duty of every individual. Groups of people organizing voluntarily to achieve compassionate ends are deserve admiration and support. Collectivists pervert compassion, speaking the language of caring but committing the actions of criminals.

It is a crime to rob your neighbor. It is a crime to use your neighbor for your own ends without allowing him or her a choice in the matter. It is a crime to deprive your neighbor of his liberty when he or she has committed no aggression against you.

These crimes are no less crimes when a sociopath (or a politician – but, I repeat myself) justifies them by chanting “for the poor” or “for the children” or “for the environment”....

...What is criminal for an individual to do is criminal for a community to do. Collectivists are not the builders of community, as they pretend, but its deadliest enemies – its corrupters and betrayers. When we fail to understand these simple truths, we board a train to genocide and the gulags.

"A fraud"?  You'd better believe it.  Look around.  We are a in the middle of what a grifter would call the "long con" right now - a deal is being offered to take our money now (a lot of it, from a lot of people), and in exchange for our sacrifice, we would have an improved economy, a better environment, and the moral high ground.  Oh, and as an additional return on our investment, spending would be cut somewhere down the road too.  And the fact that this same con was pulled back in 2009, with no returns whatsoever?  Oh, that's just because we didn't take enough of your money last time!  Give us more now, and we'll pay you back in spades later!  Really!

The fraud of democratic socialism the Left is trying to push is sounding more and more like a Nigerian lottery scheme every day...and if you think they don't realize the criminal aspect of their game, and they are acting out of misguided good will, you are wrong.  They are amassing their army now, in case we don't go along with the game one flank they have the labor unions, with thugs like Hoffa threatening to "take out the sons of bitches" - Republicans -  who work to expose their scam. On the other hand you have the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters, whose disruption of New York City is being manipulated by a government-friendly media to seem as if it is somehow the "voice of the people", while its numbers swell with Leftists who see a chance to engage in some government-approved anarchy.

Not convinced.  Wait.  The Labor unions will join up with the "Occupy Wall Street" losers, and - orchestrated by the White House - you'll see the vision of the Modern Left in full force:  Give us what is yours, or we'll take it from you by force.  And with the approval of the people in power, too.

These are 'simple truths".  And they are playing out in front of our eyes as we speak.

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