Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Air America to Crash, Burn…

If this were a newspaper headline that I was writing, it would say:
Air America to Crash, Burn
JerseyNut sh*ts himself with glee…

Now, if this was the New York Times, it would say, of course:
Air America to Crash, Burn
Women, Minorities most affected...

This article in the Los Angeles Times by Brian C. Anderson,0,7147223.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions
Reiterates many of things we have said on this sight before about Air America; see over here and here . Let’s roll with a few items that Brian Anderson tosses out at us:

The liberal Air America Radio, just past its first birthday, has probably enjoyed more free publicity than any enterprise in recent history. But don't believe the hype: Air America's left-wing answer to conservative talk radio is failing

Don’t worry, the Mainstream Media will still be trying to convince you that this is a hit. After all, they listen to it!

And look at Air America's ratings: They're pitifully weak, even in places where you would think they'd be strong. WLIB, its flagship in New York City, has sunk to 24th in the metro area Arbitron ratings — worse than the all-Caribbean format it replaced

Mario Cuomo can explain this to us simpletons:

Some on the left say it's because liberals are, well, smarter and can't convey their sophisticated ideas to the rubes who listen to talk radio. Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, whose own stint as a talk-show host was a ratings disaster, gave canonical expression to this self-serving view. Conservatives "write their messages with crayons," he maintained. "We use fine-point quills."

OK, Mario, what-ever. Now let us educate you on why you’re a miserable failure:

Industry surveys show that talk-radio fans vote in greater percentages than the general public, tend to be college-educated and read more magazines and newspapers than the average American

the triumph of political correctness on the left makes it hard for on-air liberals to lighten things up without offending anyone. [killed by your own sword! –ed.]

And a quite logical reason for this network's flop: Oversaturation -

Political scientist William Mayer, writing in the Public Interest, recently observed that liberals don't need talk radio because they've got the big three networks, most national and local daily newspapers and NPR.

As a reaction, with typical left-wing “tolerance”, the Democrats are now starting to talk about stifling free speech that they don’t agree with:

If some liberals had their way, Congress would regulate political talk radio out of existence…To accomplish this, New York Democratic Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey has proposed reviving the Fairness Doctrine to protect "diversity of view," and John Kerry recently sent out some signals that he too thought that might be a good idea.

Sigh. We’ve said it before and we will say it again: Liberals only believe in superficial diversity, diversity they can use to divide; however, ANY DIVERSITY OF IDEAS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN !

That John Kerry would have been quite a president, huh? Did anyone see this story by PJ O’Rourke detailing his Massachusetts meltdown?
Entitled Kerry Loves the Mainstream Media . . . And Has Contempt for the American People, he reports the following from a media symposium where Kerry was the featured guest:

We learned," Kerry continued, "that the mainstream media, over the course of the last year, did a pretty good job of discerning. [of course he would think that - ed.] But there's a subculture and a sub-media that talks and keeps things going for entertainment purposes rather than for the flow of information. And that has a profound impact and undermines what we call the mainstream media of the country. And so the decision-making ability of the American electorate has been profoundly impacted as a consequence of that. The question is, what are we going to do about it?"

What are we going to do about it????? Holy threat to free speech, Batman! O’Rourke exposes Kerry for what he really is, and what most Democrats long to be: Demagogues

It's hard for an American politician to come up with an ideological position that is permanently unforgivable. Henry Wallace never quite managed, or George Wallace either. But Kerry's done it. American free speech needs to be submitted to arbitration because Americans aren't smart enough to have a First Amendment, and you can tell this is so, because Americans weren't smart enough to vote for John Kerry.

Thankfully, John Kerry is soon to be relegated to history’s dustbin. There is a God, after all…

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