Sunday, April 03, 2005

Media Bias by the Numbers...

I am linking to this post from The Cassandra Page,
which does a wonderful job in breaking down Mainstream Media bias into a dozen different catagories. Cassandra uses the phrase MSM/DNC to illustrate his belief that the two are tied together and essentially working with/for each other; certainly Dan Rather's Memogate, in which CBS producer Mary Maples put her fraudulent sources in touch with the top dogs of the Democratic party, is a clear example. Personally, I think the whole media whitewash of the Sandy Berger affair is an equally offensive example; but I'm gonna get to that, I promise...

One of my faovrite on his list include "The Memory Hole" - I always refer to it as a lack of context; maybe I'm being too kind:

"The tactic here is to forget that certain events occurred and hope that everyone else does also. This tactic requires that the MSM/DNC not only stop talking about some fact, but actually help it to disappear. ..Just before the election, NBC interviewed John Kerry and asked about his military IQ test. Kerry stated that this record was not public (a blatant contradiction of Kerry's story that he has released ALL of his military records). The next day, excerpts of this interview appeared on another NBC program, with the damning admission excised. The actual editing out of inconvenient facts provides a great example of a memory hole maneuver...Usually, we don't have that kind of easy proof. We just have to remember the facts that MSM/DNC doesn't like and document the absence of any recent MSM/DNC reference to those facts. Any time that we can't find a MSM/DNC reference to some serious news is an example of the memory hole at work."

Then we have "The Lie":

"The Lie. Often, but not always, the MSM/DNC will resort to an outright lie. This lie will involve some very specific fact, like a forged memo, false reports of a crowd booing when the crowd actually applauded, false claims that Sandy Berger returned the "original" documents, false attribution of statements to public figures, false charges that American soldiers are targeting journalists, etc. These lies also include preparation of headlines or stories in advance of the actual events, as MSM/DNC did with the Iraqi elections and the death of Terri Schiavo. I have also categorized as lies instances where the MSM/DNC has an agreement with newsmakers that certain facts will be kept hidden. This one is a much closer call (as between a lie and some other kind of atrocity). "

My favorite, though, is the Race Card:

"...A commenter asked about the use of "PC." The MSM/DNC uses the race card in many situations. By pretending to speak for minorities, MSM/DNC is engaging in ventriloquist journalism. MSM/DNC also uses the race card as a smear tactic. When any conservative politician begins to gain acceptance, the MSM/DNC immediately begins a race card/PC attack. When a minority happens to be conservative, such minority conservatism is flushed down the memory hole or, if that doesn't work, results in a necklacing smear."

This is a great piece of work; congratulations, Cassandra! I'm going to refer to them often, and expound on them as I expect nothing in this behavior to change.
Refer to this post , see a great example of The Lie, Opinion as Fact, and Issue Exclusion all together in one outrageous editorial!

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