Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mainstream Media, RIP

George Will reads the eulogy for the mainstream media in his Sunday column "Unread and Unsubscribing":

Consumers of news now understand that, as Eastland says, "news is a thing made, a product, and that media with certain beliefs and values once made the news and then presented it in authoritative terms, as though beyond criticism. Thus did Walter Cronkite famously end his newscasts, 'And that's the way it is.' That way, period."

Not anymore, folks; not anymore....

Will also points out that bloggers may have saved the world:

If that had been the broadcast marketplace in 2004, John Kerry would be president: The three networks reported the Swift boat veterans' attacks on Kerry only after coverage of the attacks by cable news and talk radio forced Kerry to respond. The networks were very interested in charges pertaining to a Vietnam-era story about George W. Bush's alleged dereliction of National Guard duties -- until bloggers, another manifestation of new, small and nimble media, shredded it

Think I'm kidding? Read this:

Thanks, George!

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