Sunday, April 10, 2005

Chavez's Dream: To Be Saddam of South America!

Thanks primarily to our good friends in the European Union, Venezuela is known to have armed themselves with the following:

10 C-295 transport planes
CN-235 ocean surveillance planes (2?)
8 patrol boats

According to EU Referendum,
this deal was worth 1.3 billion euros to Zapatero’s Spain, that fine protector of democracy and human rights (see Spain’s support for Fidel Castro, selling arms to China, etc.) worldwide.
In addition, Russia has sold them 100,000 AK-47’s; which is more guns than Venezuela has soldiers.
But via Barcepundit, we learn something even scarier:
During the first semester of 2004 Spain sold chemical warfare agents and radioactive materials to Venezuela worth €539.603 according to a report entitled "Spanish exports of defence materials and related products and technologies". The report, produced by Spain's Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, was revealed to Europe Press:

…statistics show that Venezuela was the only country under the category "countries to which chemical warfare agents and radioactive materials were sold". Worth noting that the said category includes "biological and nerve agents destined to chemical warfare" of which Venezuela bought €30.374.

…Another €509.229 consisted of "paramilitary and security material" which encompasses "firearms or gas weapons, bombs, grenades, explosives, armoured and all terrain vehicles, water canons, telescopic sights and night vision devices, etc."

This is scary. It is shocking that this has gone virtually unreported. Some thoughts:
-Chavez is trying to set himself up as the powerbroker, through force of arms, of the whole of South America. He is a paranoid dictator with delusions of grandeur (the most dangerous kind), whom Europe is arming to the teeth.

-Chavez has been duped into drawing the wrong lessons from Iraq. He has believed the foreign media’s assertions that war-mongering America is stuck in a quagmire, that we have lost Iraq to the insurgency (hey, just look at the photos! ), and that we are a weak-willed nation unable to take a few casualties. So infatuated with his own self-importance, and so power-hungry, he is convinced that the US will be knocking on his door next, and is arming himself to fight an Iraq insurgency-type battle. Since the media worldwide is unable to tell the truth about the results of this conflict, Chavez is arming himself for a war that (hopefully) will never happen, using techniques that have failed spectacularly.

-This is the end result of a decade’s worth of anti-Americanism from Europe’s leaders and its lapdogs in the media. Chirac and Shroeder ran campaigns strictly based on anti-Americanism (substitute the word “Jews” for “America” and it could be 1939 all over again) and won, the European media has buttressed this view with unremitting hostility to America and AMERICANS (it’s not just our president, folks); therefore the rise of someone like Chavez is not an accident - it is the natural result, the child, of these actions. Not surprising, then, that Europe would protect and arm their own. Welcome Chavez, the first bouncing baby of the European Left’s anti-Americansim! New allies, no matter how vicious and detrimental to their own people, are welcomed into the New Left’s "Alliance" of Anti-Americanism! The hate of Europe is arising again, and beginning to breed, feeding on its parent’s black bile. Being fed well; the monster begins to stumble about, and grows…

The rank hypocrisy of Europe only festers further; for good measure, Spain is also arming Columbia by selling them C-212 cargo planes; and they are discussing the sales of military helicopters and patrol boats to Colombia as well. Nothing like arming two enemies to the teeth, and then blaming America when tensions erupt, right? What, that hasn’t happened yet? Give it time…

Maybe this time the Europeans will really get lucky and get to see some Weapons of Mass Destruction in action! Of course, it would be their weapons killing our people, but that would serve their subliminal needs, wouldn’t it?

We know what they really want…

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