Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Guardian creates its own Reality !

Today's NT Slimes' editorial page gleefully provides us with a link to this,3604,1448590,00.html London Guardian editorial (the header over the NYT link states "Links to newspaper Web sites commenting on issues related to American foreign policy and culture", but they never seem to find one that is not in harmony with the Times' point of view) parrotting the "mend it, don't end it" line of the UNphiles these days. The editorial takes shots at "neo-cons", declares Annan completely vindicated, all the usual European stuff. But this line towards the end, the conclusion of this piece on why the UN is so valuable, is a howler:

"...we must mend, not end, the UN. Not out of misplaced internationalism but out of hard-headed realism.There is no alternative to an organisation that can coordinate the responses of 60 different donor countries, the military assets of 26 countries, and the efforts of hundreds of aid agencies days after the tsunami disaster struck the Indian Ocean. While the second Bush administration gropes for international legitimacy, the battered, creaky leviathan of the UN already has it, and must be allowed to keep it. "

Hmmm...I guess you could call this...a bald-faced lie? The UN co-ordinated nothing; it was American and Austrailan military personnel that were on the ground withing 48 hours providng food, water and medical assistance and saving lives by the hundreds, if not thousands, while UN groups were searching for hotel rooms to "co-ordinate their efforts". If one recalls, British MP Clare Short famously accused the US of trying to "co-op the United Nations" because we were providing relief efforts while they were still talking about it. Process over results, right? Euroweenies and UNphiles would have been happy to see more tsunami victims dead if the US could either be eliminated from the process or somehow held responsible.
And the line about the second Bush administration groping for legitimacy is laughable. Foreign leaders are now lining up all over the world to kiss Condi's ring and Bush's ass, knowing he's here to stay and they (Chirac, Schroeder, Assad) may well not be. Meanwhile, the UN needs the Guardian to warp the truth in order to justify its very existence.
Anyway - the Guardian's strongest rationale for keeping the UN is based on a complete wishful interpetation of reality that bears no resembleance to the facts on the ground. By presenting their case thusly, they really give us all the more reason to doubt the UN and most importantly, the motivation of its backers.

For full information on the UN's criminally incompetent attempts at relief efforts, check this since- discontinued blog, The Diplomad, from a man who was at Tsunami ground zero . It tells you all you need to know (scroll down a bit once you get there) about the true priorities of the UN and its miserable minions.

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