Saturday, April 30, 2005

France: A failed state?

At least that is what we are hearing from Aurelien Vernon, vice president of Liberté Chérie. Via E-nough!, a link to this WSJ article - :

France seems to be slowly coming apart...more worrisome than the lackluster economy, structural rigidity and persistent social problems that Mr. Camdessus described is the absence of hope among the French people -- a complete lack of faith that the future might bring something better in what has become the last collectivist nation in the Western world.

Interesting - the more any state moves towards collectivism (for the" good of the people", of course), the more the people seem to lose hope...I always think of film footage out of communist states showing blank-faced, blandy dressed people, moving like those lost in a vaguely unpleasent dreamworld from which they cannot (or have lost the will to) escape.

...there is our chronic unemployment, which for the past 20 years has oscillated between 8.5% and 12%... People stay unemployed over 16 months on average in France, while in the U.S. it's less than five months.

Remember that, when Democrats start telling us how "poor" and "unproductive" our economy is...and what has the hero of the left, Chirac, done for France?

The infamous annual wealth tax, which reaches 1.8% of the value of one's property, wasn't changed, despite the continuing exodus of the very wealthy who are sick and tired of being subject to this confiscatory charge. The law limiting the work-week to 35 hours, a major drain on the economy, was hardly touched.

So...nothing? Well, not exactly...

As a result of his primitive anti-Americanism and his rejection of free-market initiatives, Mr. Chirac now finds himself isolated in Europe. In the EU, a majority of countries see themselves as part of a Western world that spans the Atlantic and embraces a liberal world view.

The French have allowed their government to evolve into a leftist, socialist nightmare. It's a free country, with free elections, so this must be the choice of the French people. It is amazing how long some will hold onto a theory long after it has been disproven in reality (also see: Democratic Party/Post 9-11 foreign policy).

I question the intelligence of the French people, if they have been so duped by house-organ media outlets into thinking they lead some type of a superoir lifestyle...were Americans so gullible, John Kerry would now be bowing and scraping to our new Muslim masters, with the signed Kyoto treay in hand, and with his lips on Koffi Annan's crooked ass.

France, lied to and misled by its so-called intellectual elites, is on the edge of becoming a failed state, slipping into both social and economic misery.

Only somewhat sad, as apparently they have chosen this fate...

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