Friday, April 22, 2005

Injured Civilian Executed by "Insurgents"

With thanks to terrorist mouthpiece Al-Jazeera:

The scene moves to tall grass, where a man with thinning, gray hair and wearing a blue flight suit is lying on his back, the right side of his head bloody. The helicopter’s three-man crew was Bulgarian, and it appeared that the man shot in the video was one of the crew...The survivor then tries to walk, limping with his back to the insurgents, who say something to him that makes him turn around. He raises his hands to somebody off camera as if gesturing to them to stop what they are about to do.

“Carry out God’s verdict,” someone is heard saying, and the militants shoot the man at point-blank range, continuing even after he falls to the ground. One gunman shouts, “Allahu akbar!”

Shooting a wounded civilian from behind, then screaming "God is Great" {while likely doing their monkey dance}, while filming it for primetime airing on Al-Jazeera.

These people are animals.

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