Thursday, April 07, 2005

Race Riots Rock Paris; France to Surrender?

I first reported this story in this post titled Exibit A in Left-Wing Failure: France 2005. Saw this follow up story today which had a little more detail about who made up the rioters:

...the attackers openly expressed their hatred of "little French people." One 18-year-old named Heikel, a dual citizen of France and Tunisia, was proud of his actions. He explained that he had joined in just to "beat people up," especially "little Frenchmen who look like victims." He added with a satisfied smile that he had "a pleasant memory" of repeatedly kicking a student, already defenseless on the ground...

...[Luc] Colpart, who is active in anti-racist causes, confirmed that "these were racial assaults," and the attackers used "far-right slurs, violent and racist."

Of course, the French Intellectual {oxymoron alert!} sees it differently:

...most left-wing organizations and individuals [said] that the violence was an expression of class struggle, a clash between rich and poor.

Hey Chirac! Maybe you should listen to this intellectual:

FR D RIC ENCEL, PROFESSOR OF international relations at the prestigious Ecole Nationale d'Administration in Paris and a man not known for crying wolf, recently stated that France is becoming a new Lebanon. The implication, far-fetched though it may seem, was that civil upheaval might be no more than a few years off, sparked by growing ethnic and religious polarization.

It has already begun:

Beneath the radar are other incidents, seemingly petty, yet telling, such as one I happened to witness in a Paris department store a few months back. A woman was pushing her baby in a stroller down an aisle. Behind her was a well-dressed, prosperous-looking Arab woman in a hurry. Suddenly the Arab woman pushed the mother, saying, "Move, dirty Frenchwoman" ("Dégage, sale française"). The familiar epithet "dirty Jew" is apparently being extended for more general use.

Will the French wake up? Unlikely...
Will the U.S. save their back-stabbing, cheese-eating asses again? Also unlikely....
Maybe, Jacques, you should try bowing and scraping a little harder to your new masters. It's done wonders so far!

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