Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Columbia Nazis ...March!

The whitewash of Columbia University's Jew-bashing only emboldened the perpetrators, as they declared themselves the victims http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/43922.htm

Days after a Columbia University report dismissed as unfounded Jewish students' complaints of intimidation by faculty, angry professors yesterday called for protections from "McCarthyist" attacks against them.

And they compared themselves, appropriately, to one Ward Churchill:

"We've seen this with Ward Churchill, we've seen this with our colleague Joseph Massad," said history professor Rashid Khalidi, referring to the embattled University of Colorado professor who compared World Trade Center victims to Nazis and the Columbia Middle East instructor singled out in the report for threatening a student who disagreed with him.

So Jew-baiting by racist Arabs is now protected speech. Well, why shouldn't they think that? They were exonerated, right?
But there are always consequences, my friends, always consequences. The result of liberal thought put into action seen here in Manhatten, second only to San Fran for liberal nuttiness - see this article in today's NY Post entitled N.Y. JEWS FACE HATE :

Anti-Semitic incidents in Manhattan nearly tripled last year, due to a jump in swastikas being painted and scrawled in apartments and public buildings, a new report has found.

The jump in Manhattan includes a huge 100-square-foot swastika that was painted on the front of the Upper West Side's Temple Shaare Zedek last December.

The Manhattan incidents account for nearly half of the 227 reported throughout the city last year...In all, there was a decline in the state, from 364 to 350, in all kinds of hateful incidents

And finally:

...there is no explanation for the Manhattan increase.

Can I give you an explanation? When a University OK's Anti-Semitism as legitimate policy/speech, all bets are off, all rules are revoked, any base behavior valid.
I work in Midtown; every synagouge has cement barriers to protect them from suicide bombers and usually have policeman, often in riot gear, outside.
Thanks, liberals -do you like the result of your non-judgemental policies? Do you see the result of your marriage to the racist "anti-Zionist" cause?
Actually - I bet they do see it.
And I bet they do like it.
This is the world they want to create.

UPDATE 9PM: Well, if Columbia U. says that Jews are the #1 evil in the world, this vile piece of news follows as a natural..via LGF http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=15325_Disgusting_Story_of_the_Day&only=yes , we learn that:

Israeli academics who refuse to condemn the government’s actions in Palestinian territories risk a boycott by the UK’s leading lecturers’ union

Well, why not? Renounce you government and your race, or be excluded from academic thought in "Great" Britian. Keep letting in those Jihadis, Tony...

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