Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Evil Agenda of the Pontificating Pundits

We have written much on how, well, totally wrong the media and its so-called experts have been on all matters international. Via Roger Simon, ,we link to Victor Davis Hanson's essay in NRO, where he dissects and explodes the theories these media-appointed wise men hold so dearly. Mr. Simon believes:

What Scowcroft, Brzezinski, Albright et al really want is the status quo. It is the preservation of the "expertise of the experts" above all. If nothing changes, they remain in place.

Nothing to differentiate them from all of Europe's business/political class, I suppose...maybe that's why they are always whining about "multilateralism" with our European "allies".

Just a few of the bombs Hanson highlights:

Brent Scowcroft predicted on the eve of the Iraqi elections that voting there would increase the risk of civil war... He also once assured us that Iraq “could become a Vietnam in a way that the Vietnam war never did.” Did he mean perhaps worse than ten years of war and over 50,000 American dead, with the Cambodian holocaust next door?

Zbigniew Brzezinski feared that we could not do what we are in fact presently doing in Iraq: “I do not think we can stay in Iraq in the fashion we’re in now…If it cannot be changed drastically, it should be terminated.” He added ominously that it would take 500,000 troops, $500 billion, and resumption of the military draft to achieve security in Iraq.

Madeleine Albright, while abroad, summed up the present American foreign policy: “It's difficult to be in France and criticize my government. But I'm doing so because Bush and the people working for him have a foreign policy that is not good for America, not good for the world.”

Yea, OK, Ms. Albright, I'm sure it was real difficult...(and on a side note, a good friend of mine ran into Ms. Albright in a tony New York haberdashery during the late summer of '04; she was crowing to whomever would listen about how "George Bush's time was up!". Right again, dahling...).

Read it all; this archive piece refers to a WSJ article that refers to the media's ignorance of the facts at hand as simple cowardice. Is that worse than propogating the status quo for continued employment as a talking head, even if it means using the prestige of your name to frighten people? Evil is as Evil does, I guess...

One more from Hanson:

Elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, troops out of Saudi Arabia, democratic demonstrations in Lebanon, West Bank voting, promises of change in Egypt — all that and more is “not good for the world”?

Only if your hatred of George Bush is greater than your love for freedom for the peoples of the

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