Saturday, April 02, 2005

Soft Power Works! Oh, Wait, No... It doesn't....

From the fine blog Let It Bleed,
Here's what happens when soft power nations like Canada have their citizens raped, tortured and murdered by terrorist regimes:

"...So, after sitting on that evidence since November, and it having now come to public light, what are they going to do? Nothing.
At a press conference in Toronto yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew brushed aside the calls for a new approach, saying Canada is already doing all it can to seek justice for Ms. Kazemi.
Okay. Now re-read that again. "Canada is already doing all it can to seek justice". What does that mean?
Economic sanctions by one country alone don't work, Mr. Pettigrew said. And he dismissed the notion of recalling Canada's ambassador. "We need an ambassador there to promote our case," he said."

So what exactly is the Canadian government doing to protest the ravaging of their citizens?
My guess would be bowing and scraping, dhimmi-style...
Maybe time for people to start thinking about dual Canadian-AMERICAN citizenships, you know, for safety's sake...

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