Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mainstream Media Aids, Abets Jew-Bashing!

The New York Times, in the form of a "correction”, admits malfeasance in its methods of obtaining the Columbia University “see no evil” report:

…The article did not disclose The Times's source for the document, but Columbia officials have since confirmed publicly that they provided it, a day before its formal release, on the condition that the writer not seek reaction from other interested parties.

Under The Times's policy on unidentified sources, writers are not permitted to forgo follow-up reporting in exchange for information. In this case, editors and the writer did not recall the policy and agreed to delay additional reporting until the document had become public. The Times insisted, however, on getting a response from the professor accused of unacceptable behavior, and Columbia agreed.

So the Times agreed not to interview the students who had been the victims of this racist assault, but asked Columbia to bend the rules to allow them to interview the one professor who had been singled out in the report. Why did they accept this data with preconditions? Why did they ask for a waiver to speak with the perpetrator and not the students? Which Columbia officials provided the Times with this report? Would the Times have even printed this confession had Columbia not disclosed it first?

Basically, the Times worked hand in hand with the anti-Semites at Columbia to publish an inflammatory report with the understanding that the party most affected by the ruling would not be allowed to comment on it.

“Did not recall the policy”?
Yeah, OK, and I’ve got a bridge I can sell ya…

And in a related atrocity, this link(via LGF), by an eyewitness, gives a nauseating close-up of rabid Jew-baiting, masked as “liberal thought”, in Ward Churchill’s appearance at Berkley:

The most upsetting think about this story? At the end of his post, click on the links to various Bay Area media outlets that covered the event. Hours and hours of vicious anti-Semitic tirades witnessed by print and television reporters, and NOT ONE STORY MENTIONS IT AT ALL!
The media, so liberal in its bias, knows that if it reports the truth, the cover of these so-called “progressives” will be blown. And the media will not do this to their allies.

So they simply do not report it; and thereby allow this hatred to gain legitimacy as it festers like an open wound.

Somebody must shine a light here. This compliance with evil cannot be countenanced.

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