Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Columbia Anti-Semites Declare "No Anti-Semitism at Columbia"

Despite a documentary film depicting raw anti-Isreal sentiment and 'ol fashioned Jew-hatred, a panel of 5 learned and intellectual academics declared there was "no evidence" that professors in the Middle Eastern studies department made public anti-Semitic remarks meant to bully Jewish students.

The five "impartial" panelists have the following credentials:
Two signed a petition demanding Columbia divest from Isreal
One has publicly likened Isrealies to Nazis
One has had complaints brought to his attention regarding anti-Semitism, and pointedly ignored them
The other is the Dean who recruited most of these sc*mbags...

The New York Daily News' Richard Schwartz
has this to say:

It's no surprise that this packed jury concluded all is largely well at Columbia. No self-respecting Jew - or thinking human - should buy it.
Nor should Columbia President Lee Bollinger

Interesting - poor Mr. Summers at Harvard makes one misunderstood remark about women, and the whole faculty goes into an uproar. Columbia students suffer documented Jew-bashing, and a committee essentially OK's the behavior. Liberal dogma has plenty of room for anti-Semitism disguised as "anti-Zionism", but will overthrow Harvard for the suggestion that a women's brain may be a tad different than a man's. Horrific to think that latest studies http://www.washingtontimes.com/op-ed/20050403-093741-7287r.htm
show that 88% of college professors are declared liberals (general population # is around 33%).

Then Mr. Schwartz points out something I didn't know:

This isn't Columbia's first brush with anti-Semitism. Between the World Wars, the university rejiggered its admissions criteria to keep many qualified Jewish students out. It took an act of the state Legislature to undo the crime.

Maybe if Columbia got rid of some of these reactionary racist old-school "blame Isreal first" instructors, and replaced them with some of the more foward-thinking Arabs we see coming up in the Middle East over the last year or so (Thanks to Mr. Bush), they may be able to provide their students with the first-rate Middle Eastern Studies department their parents are paying so much money for.

We'll keep an eye on this...

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