Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hillary rages; Media Mum…

I’ve reported about Ms. Clinton’s anti-Republican, anti-Robot rant in this post ,
but the Democratic Media has been mostly silent about it, knowing it would hurt the case they are trying to build to the American public, depicting her as a “centrist” Democrat that would appeal to moderate-right Americans. Down the Memory Hole, right guys?

Well, the NY Post has a good follow up from Deborah Orin, where she speculates on why the “moderate” Hillary is morphing into “angry left” Hillary:

Hillary Clinton suddenly morphed into Howard Dean last Saturday when she raged on about election conspiracies and "a brave new world of extremism" — sparking some Dems to wonder if she feels a need to protect her left flank.

From? Maybe from Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), who's the new darling of the MoveOn far left as Clinton edges to the center on issues like abortion — and is now being touted in some quarters as a dark horse 2008 contender.

Boxer, again! (gag, spit…) – this could be the primary battle that fills every Republican’s heart with glee, one pushing the candidate so far to the left that they emerge from the convention unelectable. This will be obvious to everyone, except the Democratic Media (who will push the women angle to death, labeling all those who disapprove of such a candidate as misogynist or worse) and Chairman Dean. But Deb Orin knows:

She sounded surprisingly shrill. Republicans are saving the tape.

Soon to air on a station near you! You better frown when you see it, male chauvinist pig!

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