Monday, April 18, 2005

Treason on the AM dial

The soldiers of WW2 had Tokoyo Rose; we have Air-America. I don’t have a transcript, but what I heard this morning between approximately 7-720AM EST was as follows:

- America has vastly undercounted the amount of worldwide terrorism in 2004 (previously, mind you, we were “overcounting” it to support our evil war aims).

- Most Americans don’t care about the rest of the world; only America (they pointedly singled out “Christian Conservatives” and that convenient bogeyman, “the far right”). Nevertheless, we all share in the blame as Americans in the rise of worldwide terrorism, since the Iraq war has given terrorists a training ground to use to export terror elsewhere. {this is classic anti-American liberalism – we are to blame for all the world’s problems because we fought back. If only we just listened…}

- The Insurgents are winning! The "Morning Sedition" (appropriate title, at least they know themselves) team claimed that since reporters fear to leave Baghdad, they are unaware of the “fact” that the insurgents are taking over the country town by town (of course, when the media reported chaos in Iraq because terrorists were targeting reporter’s hotels in Baghdad, there was no concern about limited access to the rest of Iraq) and that we have just stopped “engaging” them.

- I turned it off as they were mumbling about some hostage crisis they seemed disappointed wasn’t panning out as truthful

Well, there you have it, folks…we have accusations of lying by American officials, blaming Americans for all terror attacks worldwide, demanding “apologies” from Americans; and propaganda, completely unverifiable, that the insurgents are winning the war.

This is classic sedition, all right – some may call it treason, as they are certainly giving psychological aid and comfort to the enemy.

I have asked in the past
for people to listen to Air-America, if only to see how truly vile and anti-American it is.
What I wish to do is make a list of public figures that appear on-air with these slimebags, and ask them if they agree with the positions put forth by this network.

I want to see them squirm...

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