Monday, April 25, 2005

BBC Hires Hecklers?

This is just unbelievable...thru USS NeverDock we learn that :

The Conservatives have demanded a BBC apology over a programme which it says encouraged heckling at a meeting where Michael Howard was speaking.
The Sunday Telegraph says the Tories accused the BBC of "serious misconduct" after producers equipped hecklers with radio microphones.

If you remember that the Tories are "Conservatives", I guess it doesn't surprise you that the BBC would create the public opinion they are supposesd to reflect, as they grow more fearful of a Tory victory in the upcoming election.

But wait! The BBC has an excuse:

But the corporation said it was making a legitimate programme on the history and art of political heckling.


Gee, if I ever get caught shoplifting, can I tell the authorities I am engaging in "performance art", or maybe doing a sociological study? Hmmm....I seem to doubt that would fly. From the Telegraph:

Tory officials became suspicious at the meeting in Horwich, near Bolton, last Wednesday, when they saw BBC camera crew focusing on the hecklers rather than Mr Howard. They twice challenged the two men and a woman involved, and discovered they had been equipped with radio microphones.
Mr Black said that they described themselves as "shoppers". In fact, they were under direction from a BBC team...

Well, in all fairness, did they send any hecklers to a Labor Party meeting?

The Telegraph has established that none of Tony Blair's meetings was infiltrated or disrupted in similar fashion.

Well, I wonder why? Maybe because the BBC is in bed with Britian's (Liberal) Labor party, not unlike our MSM or PBS? Is Tony Blair's party is such danger that the house media needs to create an anti-Tory uprising?

This is an outrage; almost as bad as Dan Rather's forged memos...will the British rise up in revolt against their taxpayer-supported propoganda outfit?

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