Friday, April 01, 2005

Exibit A in Left-Wing Failure: France 2005

This article in Front Page Magazine gives a hint of what happens when left-wing horsesh*t actually becomes the law of the land. The result, obvious way beforehand to all but our intellectual superiors:

"...Voices have been warning that the passions unleashed by the virulent anti-Zionism fostered at all levels of French society since the autumn of 2000 would not stop with Zionists and Jews; they would turn against the society as a whole. The warning was majestically ignored. "

Anti-Semitism is just a canary in the coalmine; where it exists, horror and death are soon to follow. Actually, I tried explaining to some folks that the hatred is now morphing into anti-Catholicism ("Christian Right" is the liberal's slur de jour); but all I got was "Right, Wing-Nut...".
So what happens?

"8 March 2005, Place de la République: a thousand young toughs pierced the heart of a student demonstration and unleashed their rage…not against the police but against the “privileged classes” in their own age group—the protesting lycée students. Operating in gangs of ten and twenty, the casseurs (smashers) in brand-name sweat suits swept through the march like pirate ships, zeroed in on their prey, attacked from behind. They threw kids to the ground, gratuitously beating and kicking them, snatching handbags, ipods, wallets, and cell phones. Riot police looking like robots with their thick leather padding stood by as the predators cut through the crowd wielding knives, clubs, and tear gas bombs. "

Read the whole article and watch French and European Civilization teeter on the precipice of its own distortions, lies, and hatreds.
For the British Example, see:

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