Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bolton-Bashing continues…

In today’s Washington Post, liberal apologist Richard Cohen has some things to say regarding George Bush’s nominee to the post of UN Ambassador:

He's nuts.

Of course, the Saddams, Arafats, and Castros of the world are the sane ones, right? As proof, he quotes a very sane and calm California Senator:

…to quote Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), he "needs anger management."

Cohen goes on to describe him as:

…abrasive, insolent and so insufferably self-righteous that he cannot allow the possibility of his being wrong.

Sweet Jebus, sounds like the perfect description of a newspaper columnist to me! If I may quote myself

All the Media’s columnists, and all the Media’s men, were wrong – about the war, about the president, about the American people, about…everything.
Why do they expect us to heed them now?

The Times’ token conservative, David Brooks, lists the reasons why we need
a person like Bolton as our man in the United Nations; I’ll just show #4/#5

Fourth, we understand that these mushy international organizations liberate the barbaric and handcuff the civilized. Bodies like the U.N. can toss hapless resolutions at the Milosevics, the Saddams or the butchers of Darfur, but they can do nothing to restrain them. Meanwhile, the forces of decency can be paralyzed as they wait for "the international community."

Fifth, we know that when push comes to shove, all the grand talk about international norms is often just a cover for opposing the global elite's bêtes noires of the moment - usually the U.S. or Israel. We will never grant legitimacy to forums that are so often manipulated for partisan ends.

John Bolton is in a good position to make these and other points. He helped reverse the U.N.'s Zionism-is-racism resolution. He led the U.S. rejection of the International Criminal Court. Time and time again, he has pointed out that the U.N. can be an effective forum where nations can go to work together, but it can never be a legitimate supranational authority in its own right.

Thanks, Mr. Brooks. I would say he is the voice of reason in the sea of insanity at the Times, but they actually printed a letter or two that disagreed with their editorial policy!

It's always amusing to see the editorial board of The Times in high dudgeon.

You may not realize this, but most Americans hold the United Nations in "withering disdain." And why not? The United Nations in its current state is worthy of withering disdain. Its only hope for survival is a complete overhaul, new rules and new leadership (many of us would be more than happy to see the whole sorry mess "scuttled").

None of that can be accomplished if we send the kind of sycophantic representative your editors would choose.
Kyda SylvesterAuburn, Calif., April 13, 2005

Well said, Kyda, well said. And as the Wall Street Journal pointed out in my post that I linked to above,

too many among America's elite lost their nerve when the going got tough… The American people passed the test…

Once again, the wisdom of the American People stand out, towering over their “betters” in the media…

UPDATE 1045AM: It took me a while to get to today's WSJ; but there is a great article by Otto Reich entitled
John Bolton vs. the Moral Cowards where he defends himself and Mr. Bolton against attacks by the devious Dems in Congress. Quote to Note:

...regardless of the outcome of the hearings, he has provided another valuable service: he has revealed Senate hearings to be the weapon of choice of vicious and anonymous staffers and their narcissistic bosses to engage in character assassination and ideological vendettas.

Good stuff; read it all !!

UPDATE II 205PM: Today's Robert Novak column also discusses the plot to bring down Bolton ; I like this line~

Only Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) could not restrain herself from declaring how ''outrageous'' it was to put a conservative U.S. representative at the U.N.

Really, Madame Senator? Even though the American people voted in a multi-tiered conservative government, you know better than us?

Ewwww; I feel so dirty writing her name twice in one day....

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