Friday, April 01, 2005

Boston Globe sees doom,death, despair ahead...

A Mr. H.D.S Greenway, writing in today's Globe, tells us that yes, things seem to be going well now, but we should really be AFRAID, as in "reality" all the pieces are in place for a foreign policy collapse! Now, it must take a bright man (after all, he has three initials prior to his last name) to see this headlong rush to defeat in the face of all of our current victory, right? Well, maybe, but if you continue to rely on unsubstantiated or long -discredited canards like HDS does, you can expect to be made to look foolish in short order. Let me take a crack at it! First quote:

"...A dangerous insurgency still inflames the Sunni heartland, and Americans seem to be still in denial about whom they are fighting. I read in one of this country's most respected newspapers recently that the enemy is a mix of Saddam Hussein loyalists, Ba'ath Party irreconcilables, and criminals. Iraqi nationalists, many of whom hated Saddam but hate the occupation just as much, or more, are not even mentioned."

Unsubstantiated assumption is bolded here - where is the proof of this "fact"? It seems farfetched to me that someone with a blood hatred of Saddam Hussein would be hard-pressed to transfer that hatred to those who removed him. Certainly one may expect a resentment of a foreign military force with a prolonged stay, but that is different from joining up with terror gangs, and killing your own countrymen. Is this a logical thought process:?

Iraqi: I hated Saddam, I'm happy he's gone
But - I hate the Americans even more, you know, because...
So - I'm going to join an outlaw group to show my outrage by killing innocent women and children, and maybe knocking off an American soldier in the process

So are Americans in denial about their enemy? Or does HDS need to create an imaginary foe to buttress his negative scenario? Nice try, smart guy, but this guy from Jersey sees right thru you. Let's do another:

"...Iraq is dangerously divided along ethnic and religious lines, and the election did little to bridge this growing gap. In fact, it may have exacerbated it. Sunni Muslim leaders have begun to call openly for attacks against Kurds and Shi'ites."

Nice try, but every poll of Iraqis taken shows little or no concern about ethnic divisions (in fact, when "exit polled" on Jan 31, many took offense at the ethnic questions); they are more concerned about Iraq as a nation. HDS is projecting the racial divisions that the liberals constantly try to exploit here onto the Iraqi people. And if the Sunnis do not vote, they deserve their disenfrachisement. Period.

"Neither the Palestinians nor the Lebanese are strangers to elections, and the success of Mahmoud Abbas and the demonstrations against Syrian interference in Lebanon had more to do with the deaths of Yasser Arafat and Rafik Hariri than with any doctrine of the Bush administration."

No stranger to rigged elections, by Arafat's henchman and Syrian intimidation, you jackass. If you cannot credit Bush, then blame Clinton for constantly treating with these mobsters instead of standing up to them. Since HDS' great intellect seems to have abandoned him, I will point out that as soon as these people have a chance to safely speak their mind, they speak for Western Values - freedom and peace.

Hope we cleared this up for you, HDS!

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UPDATE 445PM: Looks like the Sunnis are on board after all - another liberal media canard shot to hell...

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