Friday, April 29, 2005

Political Correctness, Hollywood Style

Daimian Penny links to James Lileks' article on the left-wing PC bile that spews forth at us from Hollywood's gaping maw. First, from Lileks:

The popular culture is finally beginning to deal with 9/11 in earnest, but it's doing so with the usual modern mix of internationalist pieties and timid, politically correct drivel...consider "The Interpreter." It's a big-budget suspense thriller, a movie that examines that august body of international concord, the United Nations, and how it deals with a terrorist threat. In real life, the answer would be "lunch."

Mr. Penny adds:

The Hollywood set keeps warning that America has become a Christian theocracy, but movies and TV shows can slander and smear Christians unreservedly - and the producers pat themselves on the back for being so "brave" about it. But God forbid we make the 9/11 hijackers look "evil" or anything! Liberal sensitivity undoubtedly has a lot to do with it, but I think the real reason was explained by a British cartoonist asked why Ariel Sharon was more heavily criticized than Arafat: "Jews don't issue fatwas."

Penny's right on; chicken liberals create straw men such as, oh, Christians, to knock down, then cite themselves for their artistic bravery. Follow the "cartoonist" link on Damian's page; see the banal evil of some of Europe's ink-stanied wretches....

I'll close with Lileks, again, with his thoughts on those whom attempt to "humanize" terrorists:

If anyone dehumanized themselves, it was the hijackers. It takes a dead rotten heart to board a plane, see a little girl, and know you're going to kill her before the morning's out — if all goes well, that is.

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