Friday, April 22, 2005

PBS pulls hair, gnashes teeth...

We wrote a post a while back mocking The Corporation for Public Broadcasting for its concern that they may be infiltratrated by less-than-liberal ideas {Oh, the humanity!}. Not to fear, they have their pals in the media on the case :

A senior FCC official, who would not speak for attribution because he must rule on issues affecting public broadcasting, went further, saying CPB "is engaged in a systematic effort not just to sanitize the truth, but to impose a right-wing agenda on PBS. It's almost like a right-wing coup. It appears to be orchestrated."

And these are the people who run public broadcasting? Who see opposing viewpoints as a “right wing coup”? No bias here, right folks? Well, they prove it thusly:

A series of focus group sessions and two national surveys conducted by two polling firms -- the Tarrance Group and Lake Snell Perry & Associates -- found few perceptions of bias in PBS's or NPR's reporting in 2002 and 2003. For example, among people who identified themselves as "news and information consumers," 36 percent said PBS's coverage of the Bush administration in 2003 was "fair and balanced,"

36% probably mirrors pretty closely the number of the population that belongs to the “Bush=Hitler” faction of America. The article goes on to say that 46% offered “no opinion” on this question. In other words, couldn’t one say that 2/3rds of the people surveyed did not call PBS coverage “fair and balanced?” No bias in Washington Post reporting either, huh?

Tim Graham at The Corner also links to this story, with this comment:

…in the strange land of public broadcasting, every tilt to the right is seen as a gross violation of the First Amendment, which must have a clause I haven't seen that includes the precious right of conservatives to subsidize liberal viewpoints, which shall never be infringed.

Sorry folks of CPB and PBS, your liberal salad days may be drawing to a close…maybe Air America has some openings….

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