Thursday, March 31, 2005

Air America - F*ck No!

Our friends in the liberal media have been gushing lately over Air America, prompted by tonite's apparently flattering documentary airing on HBO. They have been fawning over this low-rated bottom feeding filth-spewing outlet since its ungodly inception, citing ratings they would gleefully use to trash a startup conservative outlet. The Radio Equalizer breaks down the bias in the mainstream media's trumpeting of this unmitigated failure, with lots of good links with the straight data.
I've listened to this station, and the degree of absolute HATE these hosts carry in their voices is almost scary. They bash Christians with a frighting regularity, and have accused our military of wanton slaughter. They are determined to bring the country back to the failed international policies of the Clinton era, topped off with a slice of secular dogmaticism that is scarier than anything the so-called "far-right" can dig up. Air America and the liberal loonies who make it up are the ultimate "free speech for me and not for thee" crowd, tolerating no quarter in their orthodoxy (but...but.... I thought liberals were supposed to be open minded?)
But I hope it stays on the air, for it serves a purpose. It exposes the far left agenda and what type of people they really are. Actually, I recommend it often, knowing it will repulse the fair-minded listener. But a ratings success? NOT!
Makes me things the boys/girls in the newsroom are still wrapped in their coccoons, listening to this crap (when they are not tuned into NPR) and thinking the whole world is nodding in agreement with them...

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