Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Coalition holds; Mainstream Media ignores...

Via No Parasan! (an excellent blog giving a bird's eye view to what really is going on in Europe); we find that Italy is NOT withdrawing its troops from Iraq,,7374-1530313,00.html as the mainstream media so gleefully reported a short while ago. Hmmm, couldn't find this story in the Times or the ComPost, wonder why...
In addition, this little story about Albania upping its troop commitment to 120 soldiers will never make it into the mass media because it is a story they cannot comprehend:

"..Why does Albania do this when it could have avoided President Bush's call for support, or when it could have dropped out as others have done when the going got tough? The answer is not difficult to find. If you believe in freedom, you believe in fighting for it. If you believe in fighting for freedom, you believe in America."

Does the Left believe in freedom? No, they support the Saddams, Arafats, and Mullahs. Maybe that's why they don't believe in America.
Mr. Tarifa makes one more important point in his article:

"Unlike people in other countries in Europe and elsewhere, the Albanian people have not forgotten what it is like to live under tyranny and repression"

Maybe this is why some of our strongest allies are countries in Eastern Europe, those who have tasted the whip of the left most recently. It is those whom WE have rescued and protected (from France to Canada), and who have had a generation of peace (only because we provided it with our blood and treasure), who are the ones most strongly opposed to our attempt to free the peoples of the Middle East.
And then they have the nerve to try and lecture us on morals.
OK, then.
Talk to me when you can go 15 minutes or so without a holocaust, allrighty?

UPDATE 1035PM: My faith in the Miserable Mainstream Media is upheld; the Slimes just posted a story (I won't link) of how aviation records appear to corroberate a man's account of being "rendered" to Syria. Oh, the horror...I'm sure we'll see a follow-up self-rightous editorial shortly. Still can't find any of the above good news anywhere though...
The Times will spend this war chasing after the tall tales of suspected terrorists; meanwhile, epic events that are reshaping the world go unnoticed (well, unreported- we notice).

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