Monday, March 28, 2005

Oh, that New York Times!

Feature article today tells the woeful tale of one Juan Carlos Merida, a Panamanian, who apparently is on a government watch list because he had a number of "innocent" interactions with Zacarias Moussaoui (9/11 Hijacker #20). Apparently Mr. Merida cannot get the private jet pilot license he desires because his name appears on these lists.
{cue world's smallest violin here}
Is this the best the Times can do, given all the evil that has allegedly taken place in the name of Bush/Ascroft/Cheny/Wolfowitz/Halliburton and various sinister neo-cons? One foreign national who helped out Moussaoui is having trouble getting a pilot certification? This is the best victim of our unilaterilst security policies that the Slimes can come up with?
Then our government is doing an even better, fairer job than I ever thought possible.

On another Times note, the COUNTERCOLUMN finds a case of the paper of record working feverishly to make good news about Iraq disappear from the public conciousness as quickly as possible

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