Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Will the Tories rise in Britian?

Despite being our steady allies in the War on Terror, the situation within Britian has been slowling deteriorating as a result of years of liberal policies under Tony Blair. In the "new" England, if you defend your home against burglers, YOU will be imprisoned. The know-it-alls in London ban fox hunting, a British tradition going back a millenium (imagine Congress trying to eliminate buck-hunting season!). Immigration is open-door, Muslims hostile to their new home country preach jihad on street corners, and anti-Semitism is on the march (again). Has the average beleaugered Brit had enough? Let's ask Ms. Melanie Phillips, columnist extraordinaire:

"...Believing that they themselves are decent, tolerant, law-abiding people, this beleaguered majority feels that the middle ground they inhabit has been hijacked and — worse — that no-one sticks up for common-sense or justice, because to do so is to invite ridicule or vilification.."

Free speech for the Left, but a hate-crime violation if you speak up from the right. See the final result of political correctness now live in England! And on top of this, the poor Brits have to cope with the BBC, which will alter whatever facts necessary to stay in lockstep with the liberal doctrine.
Anyway, back to Ms. Phillips:

"...What concerns them {the Brits-ed.} much more is the black hole into which billions of public money are being poured, along with their sense that the country’s values are being destroyed by a sneering, out of touch, metropolitan elite. In other words, social and cultural matters are uppermost in people’s minds. That’s why issues such as abortion, immigration or the wrongs done by human rights law are striking such a chord."

A Great Britian that has a viable Conservative opposition may once again be Great.
And once again, they might be Europe's last best hope.

FYI if you want more info on the blatent bias of Britian's BBC, see - an awesome site!

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