Saturday, March 26, 2005

Personal Note

...when I was in college, I had the overnight shift once a week at my college radio station (WUSB-90.3 - where you want to be!). It was a pretty strong station for a college setup, close to 5,000 watts, covering all of Long Island into eastern Queens, and across the Sound into Southern Connecticut. So I sat there, from 3AM-630AM, spinning tunes I thought appropriate for the time period, talking about this and that, wondering if anyone was listening. I used to constantly let people know I was more than open to requests, and as I stared at the unblinking phone, I wondered - was there truly nobody out there and I was just talking to myself? I was comforted by the occasional call from an insomniac or night watchman, and soon came to realize that there were people out there, whether it was dozens or hundreds, listening to what I was doing and saying. So once a week, I went out and did my best for this group, and no longer was concerned about the size and scope of my reach.
What does this have to do with anything? When I started this little blog, sometimes I imagined that I was writing for a multinational crowd of inestimable size, all discussing and dissecting my punditry. Other times, I felt there sure I exsisted in a vacuum, my words spinning away into the nothingness of the ethernet.
So I installed a Site Meter.
I think I'm going to remove it.

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