Thursday, March 24, 2005

In the beginning...

OK, I'm tired of ranting to my coworkers (who are tired of hearing it), my wife, the few inlaws and family who can still deal with me; I'm gonna vent here, at Right, Wing-Nut!
These are the stories of a lifelong Democrat who was changed on 9/11; as I watched the towers fall from my office building in NY, my belief system fell with it. I watched my party attempt to tear down a president that I believed was doing the right thing, the things that were overdue, the things that needed to be done. I watched my party interefere with the national security of the United States in order to preserve its own power. In disbelief, I saw the Democrats embrace every left-wing crackpot and rabid anti-semite into their busom in order to defeat George Bush and revert back to policies that FAILED BEFORE MY EYES on 9/11. I did what I felt I must (and what I never imagined I could do): Changed my registration to Republican and tried to convince every opened-minded person I could not to vote for the dirty Dems.
The American people, and the world, won a great victory on Election Day '04 with the re-election of the President.
But my work is not finished.
I will use this space to expose the moral weakness of the left. The targets we will line up will feature (but not exclusively) the following:
The Democratic party
So-Called "Anti-War" groups
The Mainstream Media, with the NY Slimes, the Washington Compost, and all major broadcast/cable networknewses.
Ap/Reuters/and the filthy foriegn media, whose anti-American hate-slinging is beyond reproach
Psedo-Intellectuals such as the Chomskys, Churchills, and various enviorn-loons
The United (gag!) Nations
Intellectually deficient columnists such as the Cohens, Dowds, Krugmans, etc.
...and much much more!
I'll be looking foward to your comments as well!

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John said...

Clicking onto the "next blog" button I ended up on yours. Yes things certainly have changed since 9/11. I am a Republican who lives in a rural area in Florida. I stood with my wife in front of the t.v. that day as the towers fell. Tears falling from both our eyes. A few days later I was proud to see both parties shoulder to shoulder pledging to do whatever it takes to protect our country and keep it safe from attacks. I really dont understand all the negative sentiments that have come from the left. Maybe they should watch the videos from that day. They need to be reminded evidently.