Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Moral Depravity of the EU

Eurosoc has the goods on Europe's deep felt moral convictions; to wit, how they cannot wait to sell arms to Communist China. Lecture us on values, will you? As I pointed on in this post, to the Euroweenies, it's all about...

"...France has made the removal of the arms embargo to China a central plank of its foreign policy. Germany, with 5.2 million unemployed, is desperate to tap into China's market, where the Communist Party has made lifting the embargo practically a condition for privileged trading status."

For Europe, human rights have ALWAYS taken a back seat to economics...nothing changes in that continent, not ever. Here's the advice Europe gives to Cuban dissidents suffering under Castro:

"...Louis Michel, the EU's development commissioner, was in Havana to suck up to Castro following the suspension of EU sanctions against the dictatorship. The sanctions were put in place in 2003 following a particularly nasty bout of anti-dissident oppression. However, the new Spanish socialist government has pressured for the sanctions to go, and the EU has kindly obliged.
But Michel was under not illusions that there is oppression in Cuba, oh no. He was even allowed to speak to the families of some pro-democracy and human rights campaigners, who he advised to "
avoid provoking" the dictatorship..."

Disgusting. Is there a tyrant at all that Europe will not lick the feet of?
I am no longer shocked by anything that goes on there. I remind myself that these folks absolutely tore up their continent for most of the 20th century, killing untold millions (50?100?) in the process. They've put a new face on their ugliness, that's all, but the song remains the same.
As I have said before - come talk to America after your continent can go 15 minutes without committing/condoning/abetting a genocide, OK?

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