Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Canadian Conservative Chick

Just discovered Ms. Rachel Marsden's site, although I'm sure I've seen her on Fox before. Check out this article http://www.rachelmarsden.com/columns/junkification.htm in which Ms. Marsden discusses the Canadian government's rollout of a free heroin program in Vancouver (well, free to the addicts; the taxpayers are buying it for them to the tune of $8 million smackers). Here's the money shot; the program explained by its moral founder:

"...University of Amsterdam Centre for Drug Research director, Dr. Peter Cohen, explains why he’s all for the idea, “[O]piates are remarkably non toxic and impose very little health hazards. However, the junkification of users that happens to some of them is not a result of the opiates, but of the social conditions in which people land. Intense marginalization under conditions of prohibition 'creates' junkies…Now, if you supply heroin to users, you relieve them from the black market and you supply self esteem to them which creates all sorts of possibilities…But, compared to the social conditions that create junkification, the conditions inside the maintenance program are more humane and more promising.”

The mind reels.
I wish I could put this under museum glass, with a little card describing it as the epitome of liberal academic bullspit.
I guess this was a better expenditure of Canadian funds than say, oh, joining the US Missile Defense program, right?
Click the link, read it all - if you have the stomach...

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