Friday, March 18, 2011

Dental Blogging....

....sorry for the uncharacteristic silence today, wound up needing some emergency dental work and am currently residing in la-la land. But when I reflect upon the experience....

Wednesday night - develop searing tooth pain
Thursday AM - call dentist, who says they can squeeze me in that day. I decline, having already committed to a day of work, offered an 8AM Friday appointment, which I gladly accept
Friday 805AM - in the chair, gagging on X-rays
Friday 9AM- dentist says she can't help me, I need a root canal, stat!
Friday 915A - dentist has obtained me a 10AM appointment with a specialist down the road.
Friday 10AM - the first of many shots of novacaine is administered
Friday 1145P - back in my Jeep and heading home, with a bit of a drool and a prescription for some Vicodin...

I wonder - under ObamaCare, do you really think I will be able to see a dentist at the drop of a hat, and have a specialist toss me into a chair on an hour's notice, thus saving a tooth, days of searing pain, and possibly secondary infections that would have required additional medical treatment?

Well...has anyone ever seen the Big Book of British Smiles?

Under Obamacare, this is what my future could have looked like - and what yours may very well be:

Amy Winehouse

Mick Jones of The Clash

Pete Doherty

Let's call them..."socialized smiles..."


Jkw said...

Hope you feel better,
Enjoy the Meds

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