Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Vivian Schiller's Firing: The End of Liberal Hate Speech?

While NPR - in the wake of the recent James O'Keefe video showing them to be an anti-white, anti-Semitic, biased leftist propaganda operation operating on the taxpayer dole - claims the board had accepted (CEO) Vivian Schiller's resignation "with deep regret", it appears the resignation was forced. Good.

NPR seems to have gone rogue under Schiller, starting with
the firing of Juan Williams, and Schiller's comments afterwards that Juan should keep his off-the-liberal-plantation commentary between himself and "his psychiatrist or his publicist." The ugly remarks made by NPR executive Ron Schiller over lunch with "Muslims" appeared to be the final straw for the board, who is in fear of seeing their federal funding dry up permanently.

The one great positive that may come out of this is not balanced reporting from NPR - you'd need to burn the entire organization to the ground, sprinkle holy water on the ashes, and bring in a voodoo priest for that to happen - but the fact that
the last acceptable targets of hate speech - white males and Jews - might finally get the protection they deserve.

Certainly Ron Schiller's videotaped luncheon was chock full of bile against both groups, with accusations of racism against whites and the old pathetic canard of "media control" applied to the Jews. While these are no doubt taken as granted within the liberal salons (and the newsrooms of the MSM), perhaps now the columnists who blame these two parties for all the world's ills will be left to fulminate in private, rather than being allowed to vent their unsophisticated, unsubstantiated hatred in public.

If so, we might have finally reached a balance in public speech. You are free to say whatever you want, but there are now equal repercussions for insulting whites and Jews as there are for any other racial group. The left might not like it - it seems as if they feel that any past sins of these groups condemns them to "lie back and take it" for eternity - but the condemnation of hate speech cannot be limited to the select few currently targeted for liberal outrage.

Perhaps, as penance, NPR could do a few honest stories on the Tea Party, or a series exposing some of the anti-Semitic libels they themselves helped to encourage. I wouldn't bet a taxpayer's nickle on it, but if there is any truth about their desire to educate their listeners, and if there is any soul left in the organization at all...


Joaquin said...

With these demographics, why is NPR and PBS getting "help" from taxpayers?
Sounds like WASPS communicating with WASPS!

Atlanta Roofing said...

It doesn't make sense that she would have to resign because of Mr. Schiller's remarks, especially since he had already turned in his resignatio¬n and was leaving for another position in May. Something that we don't know¬rhaps? Mr. O'Keefe says he has damaging video, so perhaps she realized she herself had been caught and resigned before he turned that one over to the press. Speculatio¬n - but obviously something is up - more than meets the eye.