Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New Jersey: Unions Leave Sick, Disabled To Die So They Can "Rally" In Trenton

These guys are represented by the CWA (Communications Workers of America), but they should really be represented by the unemployment office after this ugly stunt:

A Republican state senator has called for the firing of 17 Monmouth County transportation workers who called out sick Friday, forcing the county to cancel bus rides for 174 developmentally disabled clients and pay for a bus service to get critically ill patients to dialysis treatments.

Two-thirds of the workers for county transportation service called SCAT did not come to work Friday, a county spokesman said. Of 25 workers, eight had a pre-approved day off. The others, 14 bus drivers and three office workers, called out sick.

That Friday was also the day of a rally by unions in Trenton has led to questions of whether the SCAT workers absences were related to the protest.

State Sen. Joseph M. Kyrillos Jr., R-Monmouth, said in a statement Monday: "It is outrageous that 174 disabled and elderly clients who depend on SCAT were stranded by what appears to be a coordinated effort by employees to disrupt service without notice. The actions of these workers is completely unbecoming of any public servant, and should make every taxpayer in Monmouth County furious"

The rally in Trenton was attended by thousands of union workers. It was was billed as "The Unity Rally for Wisconsin Workers." Wisconsin's governor wants to eliminate most collective bargaining rights for public workers.

So the CWA performed a complete screwjob on the New Jersey taxpayer: Forcing them to pay for a "sick day" for 25 workers, which then resulted in the county having to pay another company on top of that to do the job that the CWA members refused to. The county had no choice, as CWA's SCAT employees essentially left the elderly and disabled out to die while they went to Trenton to shriek about Wisconsin.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos (who should be United States Senator, you heard it here first) is right: These thugs should be fired for their sick-out. Let the CWA protest. Their time is over. If they best they could muster in the state formally known as "Blue Jersey" was some 3,000 unionized losers, then they are in deep sh*t, and they know it.

These union scumbags are going for it again, with another rally scheduled for Thursday. Let's see how many folks the unions will leave in the cold to die, and how much money they will stick to the taxpayers of New Jersey for the privilege...

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