Monday, March 07, 2011

"Guinea T's," and the toilet that is MTV

Always interesting to examine the twisted-pretzel morality of liberals. Take MTV, for instance. Watching Jersey Shore last week, we found out the infamous second-floor stopped-up toilet was clogged by a "bleep-T".

The offending adjective was bleeped out about ten times in sixty seconds, as each housemate accused the other of attempting to flush the "bleep-T" down the toilet. After a few replays and some lip
reading, I discerned the word to be "guinea".

A "Guinea T" is also known as a "wife-beater", or more simply as a sleeveless men's undershirt.
Rolling Stone makes an observation:'s an interesting contrast to see the ease with which the housemates drop the term, only to have the network deem it a pejorative.

Because the housemates are not offended by the term. Because many folks, especially on the East Coast, use it freely and with no offense intended (or taken) to describe that particular t-shirt. But MTV deemed it to be off-limits, and so bleeped it furiously.

Interesting, the term "wife beater" was also used by the housemates and not bleeped out. Does that mean beating the sh*t out of your girl is OK, but using a possible pejorative word is not?

What else is OK by MTV standards?
Soft-core kiddie porn:

...a 17-year-old boy spends nearly a half-hour of a 40-minute show naked (albeit with naughty bits not showing), urinates on his face, on his feet, and almost in his underwear while fully aroused. Then, 28 minutes into this family entertainment, he walks down the street butt-naked with his backside on parade. ("Skins" on MTV.)

So here's liberal morality for you: The glorification of teenage sex is OK, abusing women is OK, but showing Italians using the word "guinea" is off limits, because
it might offend the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus.

And that's why we are where we are, I suppose....

(For more liberal "morality", see here for how a million dollar donation for cancer research can be deemed a hate crime by liberals if the donors are Republicans...)

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