Saturday, March 26, 2011

"War is no place for a law professor"

...that's the title of a Jen Rubin blog post, and as usual our brilliant Jewo-Con hits the nail on the head. Why has the Libyan War turned into an Insta-muddle? Because our president is not a leader, not even a true "thinker", he is merely the guy who occupies the societal rung below used-car salesman: He's a law professor, and not an especially good one at that.

Why are we where we are? Jen explains:

Obama’s misguided view of U.S. power and unhealthy attachment to international consensus (that doesn’t exist) forces him to lie to Congress and the American people. It’s not a war. He already answered House Speaker John Boehner (R), who merely wants to know the basics. (Are we going to let Gaddafi stay? What’s the benchmark for success?).

Obama’s look-ma-no-hands approach to wartime leadership has become so extreme that he can’t give a speech to the country for fear of looking like all presidents of all those “big wars.” This has become a farce — and, as Koffler argues, the reason why heading the Harvard Law Review and impressing New York Times columnists with proficiency in philosophy are not qualifications for the presidency. Maybe they are red flags.

Well, for the American people, an endorsement from the New York Times should be the kiss of death. And likely will be, in 2012, if they still exist and anyone is still reading them.

But the lesson for 2012 is we need a president who can multi-task, who can conquer our economic issues but can also viably don the commander-in-chief's uniform when duty calls. For it appears as the intelligentsia, especially the leftist variety, is simply not up to the task.

Read Keith Koffler's entire piece, entitled Chicago law professor attacks Libya, where he asks the FOX-reality type question, What happens when academics attack...?

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Mr. Mcgranor said...

Mr. Obama makes more sense then his opposition. We do not need a monarch.