Thursday, March 03, 2011

NYC Outrage: "No Abortions" Signs On Pregnancy Centers

The warped morality here is beyond reproach:

At least a dozen pregnancy centers throughout the city will have to post notices saying they do not perform abortions and a host of other services, under a bill the City Council passed yesterday.

The council voted, 39-9, with one abstention, to force nonmedical pregnancy centers to place signs in waiting rooms and at entranceways stating their policies on providing prenatal care, emergency contraception and abortions.

Centers that do not have a licensed medical provider on hand must also inform patients.

Council sponsors say the bill -- which Mayor Bloomberg plans to sign into law -- will protect vulnerable women from being pressured by pro-life advocates against having abortions.

That last line is a classic - a woman is "vulnerable" to being told she has other options besides murdering her unborn child, so in order to prevent her from even hearing - and possibly considering - other options, the city plans to force establishments to hang a sign to effectively warning these women not to enter under threat of...what? Hearing the other side of the story, and making their own choice about the life that resides within them?

Liberals will allow nothing to stop the abortion mills from grinding, grinding...not even the freedom of speech. Death first.

What a poison the Left has introduced into our society, with their twisted "morality". One only hoped we can one day purge ourselves, and recover...

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